What is Pageant for Moguls?
We are part pageant and part fast pitch competition for beauty queen entrepreneurs.
QUEEN BEAUTY is where Miss Universe® meets Shark Tank.
Contestants will compete in a high-stakes game of beauty meets brains meets boss!
What She Wins
Sisters are doing it for themselves! Women from all walks of life making their own way, charting their own paths, doing what they want, and doing it on their terms.
QUEEN BEAUTY will win a prize package valued at almost $200,000 with up to $100,000 of it in funding for her own brand or business.
QUEEN BEAUTY world finals will be held Fall 2024 at Palms Casino Resort in fabulous Las Vegas!
Get ready for a star-studded show complete with celebrity hosts and live performers; and a viewing audience who will all cast their votes to pick the winner. Plot twist, there may be more than one.